10 June 2007

Confucius Say, Episode 22 is A-OK!

(Image from www.usnews.com)

Holy sacred cows, just the post title alone will bring in VOLUMES of Listenership feedback! Get the new SUPER SIZED SUMMER SPECTACULAR show by clicking on the link below:

This episode of RadioFreeG looks first at how using one language or another in this crazy world of ours limits what you can know about the world and your place in it. This particular discussion is kicked off by introducing you to the world's BEST SELLING musician, who just happens to be someone you most likely have NEVER heard of before, (if you happen to be white)!

Then, we transition to a talking about the coming mega-power, China, and what its rise in wealth and power hold for Western hegemony over Planet Earth.

AND, we have a brand new segment of "Ask the GMan"! Add to this NEW "One Shots", a tirade against the Baby Boomers, (worst of ALL generations), and music from Nine Inch Nails and you have a SUPER SIZE SUMMER SPECTACULAR that will keep you busy until August!



Anonymous said...

what? August? no show until AUGUST????



RadioFreeG said...

"AUGUST" was just an exageration!

Not to worry, there WILL be more soon. (MUCH MUCH more if we can get the hosting-online-file problem sorted out.)

If ANYONE knows about a place on the net that gives free hosting for large files, and allows direct hotlinking so feeds are compatible with iTunes, please let me know. Thanks.

RadioFreeG said...

Oh, yes, I already know about archive.org, but they are turning into a turd-fetival rather fast and I need something better.

Anonymous said...

can you explain WHY hate archive.org? I heard you complaining, but I don't hear the reasons!!!!

RadioFreeG said...

Archive.org is good for direct file download and unlimited space.

HOWEVER, they just changed their uploader procedure and it is crapping out, (that is why the current show is on divshare.com).

Archive.org is also good for the feeds for iTunes. EPISODE 22 is NOT on iTunes since divshare can't give direct access. PLUS, I put files up, but I CAN'T delete them from archive.org. Why do I have an account with login and password when the files in the account, once uploaded, are beyond my reach. I can't rename them, or change the file, without uploading a whole new version and remembering where everything links and going back and chaging the links.

So, archive.org IS good, but it is going downhill very fast. If another place can grant direct file access for files of say, less than 80 MB, and I can control them, then archive is out. Not to mention, the interface of archive.org is arcane at best.


Anonymous said...

no matter how many problems you're having with Archive, you'll be back.

RadioFreeG said...

Yeah, you're probably right.

But it still stinks.

Trent Reznor said...

Hey FreeG, this is Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor writing in.

Maybe we can colabrate in the future and hold an album release party on one of your episodes. An album that of course will be SUPER produced by Mummbles.


RadioFreeG said...

But of course Mr. REZNOR. I am a FAN from WAAAAAY back, and I love your material. Mumbles will do whatever I tell him, so we look forward to working with you.

In fact, there is a project slated for this JUNE 23 that is going to BLOW the DOORS off this whole industry. Get back to me if you want in on the ground floor.