18 June 2007

Episode 23: The MOVEMENT BEGINS!

Yes, friends, RadioFreeG is propagating a MOVEMENT that will RATTLE the GLOBE to its very FOUNDATIONS! Get the new episode by clicking the link below, (or subscribing in iTunes for AUTOMATIC show downloads):

This show is the beginning of grassroots revolutional change to the work week not seen since the invention of the pocket watch! The revolution is called "Half Ass Wednesdays". This is a THREE PRONGED ATTACK on the current organization of the work week, the lack of long weekends on the Canadian calendar, a love of American Thanksgiving, and instructions on how to bring about the greatest change for good in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD! (Unless you are unemployed, in which case you should still LISTEN and get prepared in the ways and means of the MOVEMENT for when you do enter the soul-sucking world of work-a-day-drudgery.)

PLUS, we got TWO more RadioFreeG ONE-SHOTS, AND the return of Superproducer MUMBLES after the prank I pulled on him by turning his microphone off during the recording of Episode 22!

All NEW, all Different, All for You and All for FREE -
THIS is RadioFreeG bringing you the official start of "Half Ass Wednesday"!



Soundwave said...

I was going to listen to your show yesterday, but given that I was doing things half-assed, I didn't get around to it.

Heard it this morning (God, how I love the auxiliary input on my car radio) it turns out I was participating with the show more by *NOT* listening on Wednesday.

Keep up the good work!

RadioFreeG said...

You know, by NOT listening to the show you leave yourself open to work!

Everyone knows you're a smart dude, don't BURY the rest of us with all your thought subtleties.

Pass on the link, and