03 July 2007

Episode 24 is ANGRY!!

HEY LAWDY MAMA! The BIGGEST and BEST episode yet of RadioFreeG is available for direct download by clicking on the link below, (or head right to the source at radiofreeg.blogspot.com for all the LATEST information and past episodes):


This ACTION PACKED episode of "RadioFreeG" picks fights with people that take their digital rights TOO far, and don't appreciate a fan trying to help PROMOTE THEM FOR FREE! Also, we look at the HUMAN SLIME that is "Dr." Jack Kervorkian, and we ruminate on the GHETTOIZATION of LESBIANISM in QUEER CULTURE!

Only the best, right here, on the latest episode of RadioFreeG!



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. G.,

While I enjoy your show at times, your continued victim complex prevents me from fully appreciating it. You are NOT the first to challenge copyright law (see the various MP3 related cases) and 10000's of infringement notices are filed every week by law firms on behalf of artists.

Copyright protects the expression of ideas and not the ideas themselves for author's lifetime+75 years in the USA and author's lifetime+50 years in Canada.

Did you ask for permission before you used the poem in full?

Copyright has survived the copier machine, the VCR and it will adapt and survive the Internet. Artists do deserve the right to protect their expressions of ideas and their moral rights (right to be associated with the expression).

As an aside, your continued over self promotion is tedious. Please stop your overuse of superlatives and hyperbole.

Gallus Anonymus

Anonymous said...

Why not let people take their own lives if they want to die. Who should decide who lives and who dies? The state? You?

You argue both against extending youth and against taking one's own life.

Pascal's wager is, in my opinion, not a sufficient reason to believe in God.

Be careful because you are coming very close to getting a letter for defamation of character ;-).

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is going here?

RadioFreeG said...

To the FIRST Anonymous:

If I was writing an essay or making a critical commentary on the poem, this would not be an issue. I would not HAVE to ask permission to use it because I am not placing it in a book or in a collection of works and making money off it. Should I also ask permission if I want to take the text and spray-paint it on the side of a building? Thank you and shut up.

You second last paragraph makes as much sense as tits on a bull. I WANT the artist to receive recognition! I WANT to promote her for FREE! Why is it you buy a pair of shoes with a "swoosh" on them and promote NIKE for free, and no one bats an eye. I put a piece of ART on the Internet and I get shit on? Might as well put the screws to everyone that has the MONA LISA as their screensaver. They obviously DOWNLOADED the picture off the Internet without paying ROYALTIES to whomever owns the copyright on that painted piece of wood.

If I don't promote myself on my own show, where am I gonna do it? I believe in this show and want to share with others. What do YOU have to promote?

Take heart - People like you are what make me DO THIS SHOW!!

To the SECOND Anonymous:

THANK YOU FOR SOME COGENT THOUGHTS! You are also the reason I do this show, (but for much better reasons)! Again, THANK YOU for raising some INTELLIGENT topics for discussion.

I do agree with you on the fallacies present in Pascal's argument. I believe I did mention that in the show. There are lots of other good reasons, however, to believe in God. To take them all on is tedious.

Are you Dr. Death, JACK KERVORKIAN himself? Your playful emoticon sign-off suggests otherwise. (Unless you're God... And If you are, I have LOTS of questions for you.)

RadioFreeG said...

Sorry, to the THIRD Anonymous:

That's just the attitude you need to really explore the show. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

- The swoosh is a trademark and not copyright
- Da Vinci is dead +75 years- no copyright

Anonymous said...

- free or not, you are not allowing the artist to CHOOSE if they want YOU to promote them

RadioFreeG said...

Don't know if this is the first "anonymous" I references in a prior comment, but if it is THANK YOU for the posts. I APOLOGIZE for flying off the handle like that at your previous comments. These comments are worthy of discussion and you raise some fine points.

I don't know the legal difference between trademark and copyright, but if you try to make money off something that isn't yours you are in deep doo-doo.

As for Da Vinci. Yes, he is dead, but I don't know if the image is available for free use in the public domain. If that is true, why are more people not using it? That is an ICONIC image, and if it is free to use forever and ever amen, then I want to use it myself!

The question about an artist CHOOSING who they want to promote them is interesting. Artists have agents to promote them and get them bookings, and the agent charges a fee. There are lots of "FAN-sites" on the internet that are allowed to stay open as long as things are going well for the NEW artist seeking publicity, and immediately shut down when big cash is involved. I don't really know how to address that off the top of my head.

To every "anonymous" out there, PLEASE try to post with a name or handle of some kind. They are free and really make the discussion better. Thanks.