29 July 2007

Episode #25, ALL ABOARD!

Hello and Welcome to the finest audio program on the Interweb today! Get the latest show by clicking on the link below, (available at radiofreeg.blogspot.com if you haven't subscribed to iTunes):


This show takes on the scourge of the Internet: ANONYMOUS! Anonymous postings, logins, flaming – everyone is brave when they strike from within the cloak of darkness. What happens when this attitude occurs in the real world? What do YOU feel like when you are PREVENTED from seeing your accuser? Is the power of anonymity a good thing in general, or only appropriate in certain contexts?

PLUS we examine the perils of self-promotion! I have been (UNFAIRLY) accused of doing too much self-promotion, and I take my ANONYMOUS critic to task. Promotion in itself is not a bad thing. There are, however, limits to self-promotion before it becomes too overt and detracts from content. I am a LONG way from that point!

Finally, I wait for the hate mail regarding my stance on dual citizenship. (Can you guess if I'm PRO or CON?) If you can't write, just phone in your comments to the INFAMOUS G-BAND LINE = 1-888-49G-BAND. (Sorry, that is 1-888-494-2263. Forgot about your letters impairment.)


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