28 September 2007

Episode 26, BACK for 2007!

After a short summer break and big life changes, RadioFreeG is back to open your mind with all new content! Download the show by clicking on the link below, (and those new to the Listenership can get past episodes by following the links in the sidebar):

This show brings back Superproducer MUMBLES, fresh from the former Eastern Block counties of Latvia and Estonia. The show runs through the new iPod commercials, modern capitalism, the vagaries of demography, one of the founding fathers of Canada (Sir John A. Macdonald), and a little story from Jesus to tie everything all together. Oh yeah, plus another One-shot featuring RadioFreeG Award Winning Number 1 Announcer BIG-V!

Yup, sounds weird, but that is par for the course in the land of RadioFreeG. Download the show, subscribe on i-Tunes, and get listening now!


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