11 November 2007

Episode 27 of RadioFreeG is Soldiering ON!

Winter is making you feel COLD, but RadioFreeG is keeping things HOT with the brand spanking new Episode 27, available by clicking below on the filename to download, (or stream it with the new javascript arrow player, compliments of my very good friend Soundwave):


This show begins with a look at recent data from the Canadian military that reveals a high correlation between serving in Afghanistan, and soldiers developing mental disorders upon their return to “The True North Strong and Free”. Why is this happening, and is there some other explanation than the fog and horrors of war cracking the human psyche? How many soldiers are mentally fit to travel overseas, or develop problems before shipping out during their training? Does the military even have an idea about this vital information? We tackle all that and more on this highly sensitive topic.

We also delve a little deeper into my LUST for the new iPod TOUCH by answering one of the many calls that came in on the G-BAND line, (Toll Free Across North America 1-888-494-2263).

PLUS – A Brand New One-Shot from Award Winning RadioFreeG #1 Announcer BIG V, site changes all over radiofreeg.blogspot.com, a fond farewell to one of my favorite couples making a move across the Atlantic Ocean, and a NEW promo for ClimaxRadioShow.com. What the heck is ClimaxRadioShow.com? Follow the link to ClimaxRadioShow.com.

The background music featured in this podcast is called "It's All The Same" by Numatic Soul off the CD "Clean Machine". Click on the link below to buy this awesome CD:

Clean Machine



Soundwave said...

Hi G,

Not surprisingly, your discussion regarding the iPod Touch caught my attention.

I was going to call the feedback line, but I didn't see the iPod touch debate going multi-episode.

While I agree that an 8-GiB *mp3* player is perfectly acceptable, and 8-GiB iPod touch is not.

What is the difference? The iPod touch has a fairly large screen, and video playback makes much more sense on its screen than on the iPod video's screen.

While I do agree that the Touch is very cool, it stands to reason that you do not need a screen to listen to music. You need it to watch video, and video needs storage.

While I also agree that even for video purposes, 80-GiB is more than enough, 8-GiB is barely scratching the surface.

My personal recommendation is to wait until the Touch reaches at least 30 GiB, which is really enough room to satisfy your multimedia sweet tooth.

Otherwise, if you only need an mp3 player, get something else.

RadioFreeG said...

You bring up an interresting point. I don't think I would ever watch videos on the iPod touch, but the screen is also good for viewing and cataloging pictures, something most digital cameras are apallingly bad at doing.

Memory is a big issue, but the damn thing just looks so cool. Come on Apple, send me one and let me take it for a test drive. Let the machine PROVE itself to me and convert me into a video watcher!

Why is it on the go everyone wants to watch movies on a small screen, but as soon as they walk in the door they demand to watch paint dry on 60 inch screens in high definition with 7.1 surround sound?

Bucking Frazy.