25 November 2007

Episode 28 Takes on all Comers!

RadioFreeG is now serving up Episode 28 piping hot and fresh! Click below to download, (and look in the sidebar for links to past episodes by tags or full title). (Really, this would be much simpler if you just subscribed on iTunes.)

This show brings listener feedback on comments I made in Episode 27 about the training of Canadian Military Police to go overseas to Afghanistan. One fine member of our armed forces put me straight as to what the situation and training REALLY is for those going to that war zone. I don’t like it one bit, but he is correct, and very enlightening in his comments, so that all civilians could learn a thing or two from his email feedback.

We also learn about the tyranny of Linda Ellis, creator of a poem I will not mention in print again. RadioFreeG has a LOOOOOOONG history with this “entity”, and it appears she does not tire of litigation! Another webmaster contacted me after reading about my experiences with her asking for advice about not getting sued. This show contains my advice to him, and an explanation and demonstration of my frustration at having this situation continue to bother me when I just want to move on and leave her in the past with her faded on-hit-wonder glory.

Plus, I recite “O Capitan! My Capitan!” by Walt Whitman. Don’t worry, it’s all explained in this new exciting (and full of cursing) episode of RadioFreeG!

Background music provided by CafĂ© del Mar – “Morning Flood”


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