16 December 2007

RadioFreeG Episode 29: CensorTHIS!

Here we go, once AGAIN, with another show for December 2007! 33 minutes of GOLD that you can download by clicking on the link below. (Make it easy, just SUBSCRIBE in iTunes, or any other feedreader of your choice to always stay up to date automatically!)

This episode begins with a rumination on censorship, specifically the controversy surrounding the book “The Golden Compass”, by Philip Pullman. This little book rubs the Catholic church the wrong way, (What a bad choice of metaphor on my part, I’ll let the Listenership fill in their own punch line.) The irony of this story is that one Catholic organization is actually handling the censoring of this book in the RIGHT WAY, and should serve as an example for others to emulate!

Some of my personal history is also exposed, as I get into a story about censorship, former employers, big-box book stores, pretentious owners, Ulysses by James Joyce, and my anger towards people who do things just because they can, without stopping to think if they should. (Thank you Jurassic Park and Dr. Malcom. That phrasing has to come from a more profound source, but damned if I know, so I’ll give credit to what I know.)

Superproducer MUMBLES makes an on-air appearance and makes history by quoting the new catchphrase for 2008, “DO IT WITH A SMILE”, remember you hear it here first. He overdubs some new lyrics to a song that is a companion piece to the wonderful cartoon below, submitted by a member of the Listenership. Find out more information about the submitter, Magnum, click on his name. The cartoon is the final word on Linda Ellis, and all the troubles I’ve had with her and her staff and her pet Apes and copyrights…check out Episode 28 for a full recap.

And finally, the G-Band Premier of a short story, (written partly by yours truly), and read for your enjoyment. This is in response to the positive feedback for my reading of “O Capitan, My Capitan” by Walt Whitman. The story is available as text by following the link below.

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Soundwave said...
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Soundwave said...

You may want to tell Mumbles to hold off on that itchy trigger finger. The one-shot that came in during your discussion about censorship really threw the whole discussion out for a bit there.

You didn't pause, or anything. Just a one-shot cutting you off mid-sentence.

RadioFreeG said...

True, but he did a decent job on the song overdub, so, in the spirit of Christmas, I'll let this one slide.

As long as he remembers to chant the mantra for 2008 - Do It With a Smile - this certainly won't happen again.

DocMtCat said...

Excellent site... Thanks for linking us. We have done the same!

I look forward to hearing more.

Doc and the Mt. Cat

DocMtCat said...
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DocMtCat said...

Good stuff man. Thanks for the comments. I put your link on my page too. Happy Holidays!
- The Mountain Cat