27 May 2007

Episode 21 is a COVER-UP!

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This show takes a look at the "controversy" surrounding the moon landing in 1969. Most of the evidence comes from the website www.LunarAnomalies.com, (so you can check out everything I say for yourself.) It seems that in 2007 there are some people that believe the moon landing was FAKED by NASA for some reason or other. The evidence is discussed at length on the aforementioned website - especially the photographic and technical camera issues I do not have the time, experience, or expertise to fully elucidate in this show. The best part about this website is that is is made by conspiracy people that think the moon landing was REAL, but NASA is holding back on what they ACTUALLY FOUND there! (A whole other topic for another show.)

But we don't JUST deal with the MOON. We have the return of Superproducer MUMBLES from working on the new radio project that WILL blow the doors off anything on the radio today! He brings with him a "One Shot", math skills, and flavour to savour.

PLUS, we take the piss out of a little town called BARRIE, located just north of the Megacity Toronto! We have it ALL, and it is all FOR YOU, and it is all FREE!

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Anonymous said...

today's episode intro music was too depressing. please KICK IT next time!

RadioFreeG said...

Yeah, it is really music mmore suited to an episode of great paintings, since it is about a painter and suicide and stuff like that. But it does have a certain magic to it, and mentiones stras and the moon, which is the topic of Episode 21.

This is the type of thing the new show, climaxradioshow.com, will address! Too much of the same music and you turn into an anacronism like Sebastien Bach! Be on the lookout!

Soundwave said...

You know, I never really understood the moon landing denials. What are they trying to accomplish? I mean, lets say that yes, in fact they were on a soundstage in LA. So what? How does our life change? Will my computer or car disappear by the discovery that we were never on the moon? Will any faction of my life be altered by the fact that we were never there?

No. That is because nothing of value came from the moon landing, other than perhaps the associated technology that permeated into society. The moon landings were simply a pissing contest with the Russians. Besides, if NASA faked the moon landings, why didn't Russia do it as well? G, you hit it on the head when you said there was no benefit to landing on the moon. Just as there is absolutely no benefit proving that we did/did not actually go there in the first place.

Instead of trying to live in the present, and trying to make a difference now, these conspiracy theorists waste their life to accomplish nothing. What a sad, sad, existence.

I feel a great swell of pity for these fools.

RadioFreeG said...

Thank you Soundwave for your cogent remarks!

One item, though, is the whole "waste of time thing". IF it was faked, it would be the biggest story since... ever. The evidence for FAKERY, however, is almost beyond the realm of credibility.

I can see how people are drawn into the conspiracy game. There can be lots of romance and excitement there. The problem is that it soon starts to spiral out of control, involving more and more people and becomes much harder to believe so many would be on board. The explanations become convoluted to the point that they lack logical consistency. That doesn't mean the conspiracy doesn't really exist, it just makes it less and less likely to actually exist in the manner the theory is being described.

Like Agent Mulder said on the X-Files; "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you."

That being said, one bullet killed JFK, the moon landing was real, that really was the Hand of God and not Maradonna's fist that beat England, Mary really does appear in cheese sandwiches in Mexico, there are no aliens in AREA 51 (only alien vehicles), and the Freemasons are the Illuminati in disguise and work to publish disinformation campaigns for the Russian Orthodox Church and British Intelligencia.

Soundwave said...

Yes, the revelation of a fake moon landing would be big news. However, since regular, scheduled, space travel *IS* today a reality, its impact would be more like "So, what? Its not like it delayed space travel or anything". The significance of the trickery has become greatly diminished over the years.

The revelation would have been much more significant back in the 70's, but once the space shuttle was unveiled, it was rendered a moot point. Hell, we are now on the precipice of recreational space travel, making any impact of a faked moon landing insignificant.

Besides, the US landed on the moon 6 times in three years! I don't believe that they would try to push their luck and repeat the gag five more times. Any conman knows that you never pull a scam to the same crowd twice, lest you miss a detail and the crowd gets wise.

RadioFreeG said...

Your final sentence is close to the heart of every grifter, and should be overwhelming to the fact that even if the first time was faked, they would not keep doing it!

Yes, we are on the point of recreational space travel, but that does not imply that because anyone can do it now, that first time was not special for a variety of reasons. Now we have ancient old farts and guys with big wallets being shown outer space as an adventure. BACK THEN, only the strongest, brightest, and most capable of an entire generation were hand picked through merit alone to voyage where no one had gone before. (Fucking Roddenberry was a master.)

Point being, IF it was faked, yes it takes nothing away from the facts of the matter today. BUT, it does take away from the legitimacy of NASA, makes every history book obsolete, heads will start rolling, and in general people don't like being LIED to!

You are 100% correct. It would have been much more relevant in the 70s. This may be one instance where the effort to expose it may not be warranted, if there is anything to expose, and given the evidence that energy should be spent elsewhere. (Like that FACE on MARS! What the fuck is up with that?!)

Sal said...

Welcome back Mummbles!

I love conspiracies and my favorite is JFK. The most compelling claim in the JFK theory is the involvement of the MAFIA. Could it be true? I don’t know, but it makes you think if it was true, that’s some REAL friggin power.

I really can’t get enough of the JFK movie. It’s like I’m searching for clues but it’s just a movie and it’s based on a conspiracy that there was more than one gunman and several organizations involved in the assassination (CIA, military, mafia, government).

It makes it so easy to believe because business/corporations is what drives the world. We have weapons manufactures that make billions from wars and to make money and there has to be a battle somewhere in the world. We know that JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam and the army didn’t want to leave. We know the mafia didn’t like the Kennedy’s because Robert Kennedy was trying to tackle organized crime. I have so many thoughts right now I’m finding hard to organize them into this comment.

The Bush family is an oil family and I believe George W Bush is in the White House so his family can profit from the oil industry. Ever since Bush stepped into office, we have seen MAJOR spikes in the price of gas. We’re seeing puppets of corporations sitting in the White, Lyndon B. Johnson was one of them (he kept America in Vietnam) and the other is George Bush capitalizing on oil reserves on Iraq.

One comment I must make on the lunar photos. If the photos were fake, wouldn’t NASA TRY to make the shadows cast in the same direction? Refer to JFK on shadows and fake photographs!

I saw this programs a few years ago on the moon landing, and it claimed that the Russian reached the moon before the Americans and we’re talking days before. What happened was the Russian CRASHED on to the moon and not a word was said.

“The last Soviet hope was now the Ye-8-5 program and on 13 July 1969, an UR-500 booster finally hurtled Luna 15 towards the Moon. Three days later, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins entered their Apollo 11 spacecraft as millions of people all over the world were watching the event on TV. But the Soviet probe's landing systems failed and it impacted on the Moon as the Western media was trying to figure out what its mission was. The same day, on 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. The Soviets had lost.”

The moon landing was real and back then, the sand on the moon might have been considered useless, but I think that will change when they find uses for the minerals found in lunar sand. Enter Intel.

RadioFreeG said...

JFK's family had a LONG history, along with the other prominient USA families like ROCKERFELLER and CARNEGIE, of making their money the old fashioned way - illegally.

That family leaned on everyone and everything to get where they ended up, and then they turned on their old running buddies and wondered why all the kids started getting killed.

I never heard about the RUSSIANS CRASHING! That sounds CRAZY-COOL!

Superproducer said...

Thank you for the thanks on my return to the show. Just wait until you see and hear My superproducing skills on the new show, Climax Radio!

Anonymous said...

Aren't conspiracy theories great!:P
Loved this show on it and I mean incorporate it into my english A-level work (as a transcript analyses) if that's ok.
One thing I'd like to add though- you mentioned about there being nothing on the moon worth going back for.. well that has probably been true for the past 30 years, but recently there's a new race to get man back on the moon, and this time between many more countries. The one main thing they've identified is called Helium3 which can be used, to unbelievably high advatanges, in a new form of fission (or was it fussion..?) nuclear reactors to produce insane amounts of completely clean energy! There are countless problems with this of course, such as "how the heck do we bring large amounts of it back to earth?!"
Anyway, just thought some people on here might be interested.

Keep up the good shows RadioFreeG!

RadioFreeG said...

Are you transcribing the show because it is so GOOD, or because my garbled English makes me a good candidate as an example that BAD English is no impediment to someone working in media?

Interesting on the helium 3, I will put my Senior Science Correspondent Soundwave on research detail.

Glad you like the show, and please keep me informed on any project you undertake. I am also available for public appearances and speaking engagements. All the booking is done through Superproducer Mumbles at superproducer.mumbles@gmail.com.