13 May 2007

Episode 20 is a Tribute to YOU!

Hello Listenership! This show is a tribute to someone very special: YOU!
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This show began when a member of the Listenership took issue with some of the content from the last show, Episode 19, (available in the sidebar under SHOW ARCHIVES).

I won't tell you EXACTLY what the listener said, but I will tell you that I was STEAMING MAD! Then I listened, REALLY listened to the message left on the G-BAND, (1-888-49-G-BAND), and realized that this listener was RIGHT in EVERYTHING they said!

I immediately tossed the show I was working on and decided to address some of the criticisms. I can honestly say THIS show is a return to form. THIS show is RadioFreeG in the RAW the way he was meant to be heard! THIS show is my original vision come to life! AND, I owe it all to one faithful Listener that took the time to make his opinion known. I say it in the show, and I say it again here - Thank you. Without you, there would be no show. Enjoy!


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