06 May 2007

Episode 19 - Starts and Stops

RadioFreeG Episode 19 lives up to all the hype by bringing some things to a satisfying end, and others to to a raucous start! Download the new show by clicking the link below:

This show introduces "The Comic Strip for the New Millennium - HEADTALES!", created by RadioFreeG and on the web FREE for your enjoyment. To see the historic FIRST EVER HEADTALES! comic strip go to the link below, (or click on the graphic at the beginning of this post):

We are only 11 more comic strips away from a CALENDAR, and you know that means ANOTHER SWAG SHOP will be opening soon. (See the original by going to cafepress.com/RadioFreeG).

AND, we put the whole rift between my #1 RadioFreeG 'MAGNITO Award' winning announcer BIG-V and T and M's Voices to REST. Everyone goes home happy and the future looks brighter for all!

Add to all this a special episode of "Ask the G-Man" dealing with bestiality, and you have a show that CAN'T MISS. So don't wait any longer, START DOWNLOADING NOW!



Soundwave said...

Well, Magnum had a few words to say about BigV!

Maybe BigV should lay off keeping the Pimp Hand™ strong, and try beefing up the Email Hand™.

Perhaps he should get that Network Hand™ going and set his internet site up and that way everyone will be able to get a hold of him.

Anyway G, keep the SWAG Hand™ strong.

RadioFreeG said...

The SWAG Hand will reamin mighty. You wait to see how mighty. You no believe.

Anonymous said...

Is the BITCH SCHOOL an evolution of the once-famous BJ SCHOOL?

RadioFreeG said...

No Comment. I must defer to Big V on that connection, logical as it sounds.