26 April 2007

Episode 18:BIG-V Interview and Store Launch!

The absolute BEST episode ever of RADIOFREEG is now available! If you listen to only one episode of RadioFreeG, you MUST listen to:

(IF you only listen to one show, look in the sidebar for the "SHOW ARCHIVES" and get tuned into ALL past Episodes.) This show contains a SPECIAL interview with #1 RadioFreeG Announcer BIG-V, recorded LIVE from his "BORDELLO in the HILLS".
ALSO, we get the celebrity endorsed launch of the RadioFreeG CLOTHING AND APPAREL line, available exclusively at:

The Official RadioFreeG "SWAG SHOP"
has clothing and accessories for everyone, featuring the MAGNITO AWARD WINNING RadioFreeG LOGO, as well as other brand extension logos oozing COOLNESS!
AND, we dive into the history of RadioFreeG to see how my predictions have come true. This SUPER SIZED episode has everything you need for a lazy spring afternoon. Not to mention the BEST DAMN MUSIC in the history of podcasting!


Anonymous said...

I doubted BigV's PIMP line and I was right. What are you trying to pull BigV?

And NAPA.COM isn't the North American Pimp Association.

Soundwave said...

G, you enterprising Sum-Bitch you. I can't believe that you actually went ahead with the SWAG SHOP!

Excellent! Nothing but the best from RFG. Hope you start pulling in some major coin from your latest division.

RadioFreeG said...

Type in "gman" in the searchable marketplace on cafepress.com and the logos come up near the top of the list! Someone is searching for me, and I WILL find them with high quality products at reasonable prices with style to spare.