20 April 2007

Episode 17 is full of SURPRISES!

HOT DAMN what a show we got for you today! It has been a bit but the time has come to unleash the new show on the masses. Get it by clicking the link below:

This show has LOTS of audio culled from those calling the G-Band at 1-888-49G-BAND, promos out the wazoo, a special call from RANDY MACHO MAN SAVAGE, and a special announcement from Superproducer MUMBLES that will once again, like the introduction of the G-BAND toll free line, give you a NEW and EXCITING way to be part of the best damn podcast going today - RadioFreeG! Get listening NOW!



Anonymous said...

what's wrong with that "Macho Man"?

Anonymous said...

one of your links is under investigation:

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only
The Bestest Blog of All-Time

Soundwave said...

Hey G,

Thanks for the pre-emptive Birthday Bang wish and for the shout out to my Blog.

I really have to put up a new post soon. The last one is getting a bit stale.

RadioFreeG said...

#1, Macho Man had a bit of a touch of constipation, so he really had to work to get his message across. I think it was an admirable job.

#2, Soundwave, you will still be getting a call late, so I hope this evens it out! There is also one other thing in the works, I don't want to build it up too much for you, but it is better than 10 Super Bowls. Don't worry, you will never see it coming if it turn out like crap and I don't give it too you, ok? OK.