19 November 2009


RadioFreeG-Episode43-AllNewMusic is here avavailable for download:

This show features music from Allen Toussaint "Sweet Touch of Love", Stone Walters "Trouble", and Rev Theory "Hell Ya"!  Get out there and buy some music from these great artists.  Click on the picture of the artist below to get more information on these great musicians! Support them, BUY THEIR STUFF!

Help make your opinion count by sending your MP3 song submissions for Episode 44 to radiofreeg@gmail.com!

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S.C. said...

'Sweet Touch of Love'...I just took a bite out of my ass...thx

S.C. said...

...ps, I sent in the request for REV THEORY! HELL YEA!!

Anonymous said...

The show's first two songs were very well done, but the third song drop-kicked me sideways out of my seat! HELL YEAH!

- Dom