02 February 2010


All new Music is here for you, compliments of the TWITTERverse!  Check out great new music by clicking the link below:

This episode has some great new music submitted by users of Twitter.com, a wonderful service for promoting your band or just being entertained by funny people with time to spare.  We have two ambient submissions for your listening pleasure.  The first song is "Cocktails in Paris" from Inner Light Spectrum, and the second is "Getting Safer", the latest release from Synoiz.  Our "commercial track" is a great throwback to the 80s hair metal scene, Steel Panther with "Community Property". 

For BONUS CONTENT, we rake the owners of "COOL SITE OF THE DAY" over the coals for being a bunch of twats!  FUCK YOU ASSWIPES!!

Click the links, click the pictures, get to know these artists and BUY THEIR STUFF!!  Tell them you heard them on RadioFreeG, and send in your own submissions to be played in a future podcast!!

Click the show title to download, get listening, and get submitting for the next episode.  As always, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, in iTunes.  Thanks for listening!

Inner Light Spectrum:
Steel Panther:




Anonymous said...

Good musical choices. Cocktails in Paris is a track I can enjoy anywhere.

I am going to listen to more Steel Panther music, since I like the "non-serious" dimension to their musical which had me laughing out loud. On the on hand, they are professional and polished, but on the other, their lyrics are a nod to what really goes on in the world, presented in a manner that won't likely be heard on mainstream radio anytime soon. (Plus, I like sexual jokes as much as any other man does!)

Combining unexpected subject matter and professional sound reminds me of the Weird Al Yanokovic song "Calling in Sick Today", which is not a parody of a famous song, but rather an original song with an early 90's grunge feel, and hilarious content. This sort of combination is very fun to listen to.

Rock on!

- Dom

Soundwave said...

Hey I like the new format. You can tell from your voice that you really enjoy talking about musical subjects.

Keep on with the new format!

@Dom, your mention of Weird Al makes you a man after my own heart. RFG does have some high quality listenership out there.