15 November 2009

Microsoft Synctoy 2.0

Now people, this is why Microsoft is lambasted when it comes to operating systems. 

I belive in having a religious backup routine for my data as I've lost everything in the past.  I like to have all my data on hand so I can go from one computer to another incase the HDD fails or a virus is caught, or heaven forbid, the laptop is lost.  So, I've taken to backing up my personal data once a month.

I used to burn to CR-RW, then moved to DVD-RW, and currently use an 8GB USB stick to backup one folder on my HDD that has all personal files on it.  It takes a while to erase the old data off the stick and put a fresh copy of the current folder on their for safe keeping.

Lo and behold, Microsoft has a "toy" that allows for syncing any number of folders and directories to any removable media!  Synctoy 2.0!  To get it you have to go to the microsoft website and download and install it.  It works great, is free, and lets you sync anything to anything else with loads of syncing options and no restrictions on number of files/folders/ect that come with most free options.  Like the iPod, it only transfers any changes made to the home folder, not the whole damn thing.  Convenient as all hell, but why should I have to go out to another website to get it?

Now I ask you Micro$oft, why did you not just put this little gem as part of the operating system?!  Windows is so bloated with crappy underpowered versions of software (Movie Maker? Defrag? WinZip?) I can find for free on the internet that do a much better job.  I am still devoted to XP, fucking HATE Vista, and MIGHT go to Windows 7 after they release the first major service pack. 

So Microsoft, what else are you holding back?  You have a bad history of keeping the really good stuff (Microsoft PLUS! pack for XP), so why not let it all come out, streamline the install size and time of the operating system, and let people use/ know about all the good stuff you have?


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Inner Light said...

I've been using synctoy for over a year now and love it. I use it to back up the work we do in 4 production studios to a central server. it's been great