21 October 2009


Episode 42-DeadCelebrites, of RadioFreeG is up and running!  Get it now by clicking on the link below:
This Episode looks at the new "Michael Jackson" song "This Is It".  Yes, the quotes are around "Michael Jackson" becasue it was put together through studio magic after his death!  It is not a true reflection of Michael Jackson, and has nothing to do with the body of completed work he left this world.  It is part of a disturbing trend in music, movies, and life in general to manipulate the dead through the technology of the day instead of using that effort to create the next batch of artists and make the memories of tomorrow.

To buck this trend, we have the new song from our friends "I Am Three", and the song is called "OLDER".  They were gracious enough to grant RadioFreeG Permission to play this great new music for you!  SEND YOUR NEW MUSIC (in mp3 format)  to RadioFreeG@gmail.com and it will be featured in an upcoming episode!  Tell your friends, tell your family, and tell your enemies to submit their favorite new music to RadioFreeG!

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1 comment:

Domenic said...

Good show. The Music-machine manufactures and markets songs to be consumed, and it's unfortunate that people will keep buying their crap en masse.

The bit about "Hip Hop music is the easiest music to produce" (17:12) made me laugh my ass off!