25 February 2007

RadioFreeG Episode 11 ULTIMATE INSANITY!

This podcast IS an examination of a few things; celebrity, fame, personality splits, and supposed insanity. This is NOT a wrestling podcast. There are entirely too many of those from jerk-offs that watch Monday night TV and think they have some grasp of a very complex buisness. The subject for this podcast is one man, the Ultimate Warrior, and how his experience can deepen OUR understanding of how WE might react if placed in his situation.
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I am a fan of the Ultimate Warrior, but I hope those who are not fans will listen to this show with their heads - not their preconceived notions of this particular form of entertainment. Many thanks go out to the Ultimate Warrior, for the years of entertainment he gave me as a child, and now, as an adult. [Click on the face symbol to be taken to the Ultimate Warrior's web page and learn about his own personal philosophy/religion called, DESTRUCITY! Whatever that means, you know it must be INTENSE!!]

Bonus pic: From Wrestlemania VI, the greatest battle in the history of Wrestling is about to rock the Skydome in Toronto, Canada. Champion vs. Champion for ALL the GOLD! Warriors vs. Hulkamaniacs - Only the STRONG will SURVIVE!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Call the G-BAND TOLL FREE at 1-888-49G-BAND and leave your best Hulk HOGAN or Ultimate WARRIOR impression! The tech boys have upgraded to an UNLIMITED VOICE INBOX! Listen for the BEEP, and then Let 'er RIP! (I had to get rid of the personalized greeting, but if you need me to tell you "Leave a message at the beep" you should move out of the 1960's.) How simple can it get? No codes, signups, or charges to you! I'll put the best ones in the next show, so get calling, BROTHER!



Sal said...

RadioFreeG, your hotline isn't working.

RadioFreeG said...

Thank you for the feedback, I tried calling right now, and the beep played. The tech boys did notice a slowdown last night, I think it was due to maintenace on the end service provider. There is some beta testing going on, but if you don't get through the first time, please try again. The line 1-888-49-GBAND does recieve, as of this writing. It should stay that way.

Get those impressions in, BROTHER! Say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and rip up that picture of Libya on Saturday Night Main Event!

The Fly said...

I remember that Mania. I THINK I have it on VHS. I do agree it was a memorable one. Ahhh, those were the days.

Soundwave said...

If you want a real funny laugh, look up Ultimate Warrior's entry on Wikipedia.

Pay particular attention to the comic book section of that entry. Gold, baby... gold I tell you...