01 March 2007

RadioFreeG Episode 12 is a SNOW DAY HOLIDAY!

Hello all! I got a snow day off from work and school, so I decided to speed up the process and bring you a new episode right away! Get the show by clicking on the link below:

This show brings the introduction of a new segment, "Ask the G-MAN", and what a doozy of a question we have to answer! These are all legitimate questions submitted via the G-BAND line by calling toll free 1-888-49G-BAND, or via email. Also, I play the best HULK HOGAN and ULTIMATE WARRIOR impressions I received from the Listenership responding to our last show. You will NOT be disappointed!
What are you waiting for - GET DOWNLOADING NOW!!

And, as always, send the link to all your friends. In the words of the Ultimate Warrior:
"We are trying to build [a] legacy here people!"


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