19 February 2007

RadioFreeG Episode 10 -> Hot and Fresh!

Another tasty episode of RadioFreeG is available by clicking on the link below, (or, as always, head to the SHOW ARCHIVE in the sidebar and download a past episode if you are new to the site),

WARNING: At the 6 minute and 49 second mark of the broadcast, the way you interact with the G-BAND, RadioFreeG, and the WORLD in general will be forever changed. I recommend you have clean underwear at the ready when you reach that part of the show.

This episode features many announcements, the first being the addition to the family of #1 RadioFreeG Announcer "BIG V"! We also have Listenership feedback on a past subject, "Cellular phones in the classroom". Also, I tell the world about all the ideas that have been STOLEN from me, and give you a NEW idea that is being stolen AS YOU READ THIS!! Don't believe me?, Download the show and get listening!

All that, and more one-shots, now being voiced by BIG V, and the SECRET History of how BIG V came to join the RadioFreeG family. Superproducer MUMBLES fills us in on how he found and convinced BIG V to join the best damn podcast on the G-BAND!



Anonymous said...

a 1-800 number? Holy cows! I heard it and i still can't belive it.

Anonymous said...

Cheese cake cookies have been around for awhile now. I think you stole the idea or you don't get out much.

RadioFreeG said...

Those cheesecake cookies have been out for a while, but I certainly don't remember seeing them that long ago. I also never gave the date I thought of that idea. The point is that the idea was mine, and someone stole it, as the other NUMEROUS examples in the show attest. WHEN they stole it doesn't matter. UNLESS they steal from me AS I'M thinking it up, which becomes pretty interesting and the basis for the rest of that particular show. Please stay on point if replying in a public forum like this, otherwise your private comments are greatly appreciated at the email listed in the sidebar on the main page. Thanks, and keep on listening, the next podcast will be, (should I say or will someone steal it?), oh what the hell - The next podcast will be discussing the supposed "craziness" of former WWE professional wrestler Ultimate Warrior! Let's see who decided to take that from me now.

Anonymous said...

Garages are only finished with drywall IF it's located INSIDE the house. The space must be sealed off from any potential fumes seeping into the house.

If the garage is located outside the house, it will not be finished. Check your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Big V, have i seen you riding the subway in a pimped out subway car with hydrolics?

RadioFreeG said...

I see the point about the garage being inside the house, and that leading to a somewhat finished interior, but the places that come in and do it after market spurned this into action, I believe. Older homes never had the nice finish when the garage was inside, it was left as concrete or brick slabs, essentially a fallout bunker with a big sliding door.

And yes, that was BIG V with a Hydraulic train. It helps him conserve energy by tossing the women up and down for him. Also, he has instructed me to tell you that his name is with ALL CAPS. BRRRAH!!