16 December 2006

RadioFreeG: Special CHRISTMAS Edition!

Hello everyone! I'm posting this edition of the radio program as a link only, and nuts to the embedded media players, (like you see in the post right below this one). Too many competing programs on, (at least on my computer), handle the script in different ways. The HTML is used one way by Firefox, another way by Explorer, and the media plugins I have all conflict. So I hope you have your computer set the way you like, and just clicking on the link below will either automatically play, or download and then play, the file in the media player of your choice:

I hope this makes listening to the radio broadcast less of a chore for everyone.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

The fact that faith in a higher power is the only source of purpose and comfort for some people, and a significant source for most human beings, I think is a forceful argument for religion being a useful evolutionary tool for the survival of our historically weak, decadent species.

I smell a blog of my own coming on...


Anonymous said...

In christian symbolism fire represents the holy sprit.

Gino said...

Fire can be one of two things, it is either the Holy Spirt, which more often than not is a light, ("Enlightenemt", and so forth).

OR, it is the fire of "Hell", more exactly the fire of Gehenna, which is the total separation from God. I got this from the "Catechism of the Catholic Church", an older copy, but still the most recent authorized edition.

There are two ways to view this, and context is important. I WILL NOT go "chapter and verse" to tell you where the passage for the Christmas meditaion came from, BUT I am happy you listened to the whole thing! Your computer didn't crap out when downloading the file, and that is vey encouraging for me. I don't want to make these audio clips just for my own benefit; they are made to be heard, and hear it you did! Thanks for the feedback, and tune in for the next show.

Anonymous said...

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a fuel (combustion) with associated flame, heat, and light, nothing else.


Gino said...

The description of "FIRE" by MC is 100% coerrect, when applied to the interpretation of a physical event.

The metaphorical interpretation of "FIRE" is much more rich.

As to the physical manifestaion of fire, as oxidation, it is kind of fun to play around with. As my chemically inclined friend JR will tell you, rust on metal is actually a form of "fire", since rust is reaction with oxygen. So maybe the physical is open to some interpretation as well?*

*Any hippie that brings up the word RELATIVISM will be banned from this blog.