13 December 2006

RadioFreeG is on the AIR!

Firstly, a big shout out to the fine boys at T and M's Voices (link available at bottom of the sidebar), for inspiring me to take a stab at this whole web broadcasting thing. This first edition of RadioFreeG is rough, crude, and full of good natured merriment. I'm sure I will listen to this file months from now and think, "How the hell did I have nothing to do? What Should I have been doing that would have been more productive than producing this?"

Of course, you will find it an amusing 10 minutes well spent. I had to keep it at 10 minutes because My computer doesn't have enough memory for me to make a nice 20 minute file with lots of edits and sound effects... one day I'll put a good 30 minute episode of RadioFreeG on the air. Listen to this episode and you will understand why. The content is really user driven, so have your say after you hear mine!

RadioFreeG - Episode 1

Happy listening!


Anonymous said...

What kind of PC are you using? A 486?

Anonymous said...

I would definately arrange for a chauffer to take me to and from work daily... even if it's in a '86 chevette, I don't wanna be greedy.


Gino said...

"What kind of PC am I using?"

I could only DREAM OF A 486!

Dude, (and I presume it is a dude that left this comment), I'm only a few steps up from PUNCH CARDS!

Seriously, the Hamster on the wheel that is generating power from the water wheel which is charging the capacitor for when the hampster gets tired is recieving social assistance.