07 December 2006

AUDIO on Blogger!

Hello All! I have just discovered the joys of making audio files for MASS CONSUMPTION via the Internet! My computer is low on memory, power, and (as my friend JR is fond of reminding me), the hamster is getting quite old. So, I am relegated to making small files for fun right now. That being said...

The two files below will be the new "intro" and "outro" for the fastest growing podcast on the Web - T and M's Voices! (Follow this link to ShureShot Media to access some of their most recent content, sans the spiffy audio created by yours truly.) You should be able to click the links below and have the audio open up for you in your default media player.

That's all for now. I have lots to do this week so no new posts for a while. I am pretty proud of my glowing blue hit counter, another recent addition to the blog. Let's get that number in the triple digits by 2007! (Do I have that much content in me? How I suffer for my people...)


Paul said...

As Borat would say: Very nice! High Five!

Anonymous said...


I am Borat.

That hat you wearing, it is pussy magnet, yes?

Gino said...

You liiiiiike my hat? You can have, $10!