21 December 2006

RadioFreeG - EPISODE 3 is now LIVE!

Stop your grinnins and Drop your Linnens: RadioFreeG - Episode 3 is now available to quench your thirst for streaming audio ecstasy!

This is a jam-packed episode where we discuss listener feedback from 'RadioFreeG - Episode 1', (see link in previous posts); ask a new question for the Listenership to ruminate over as we pass into the New Year; AND RadioFreeG is proud to welcome to the family,

"Super Producer, [dramatic pause], MUMBLES"!

Mumbles and I run through the program, the SUPER SIZE program clocking in at an astounding 15 minutes and 19 seconds, with an all new intro and outro featuring the classic lineup of The DOORS! Jim Morrison LIVES, (and so do the other guys, metaphorically speaking), when you click below.

So, stream away to your heart's content by clicking on the link above, send in your feedback to RadioFreeG@gmail.com or leave a comment to this post, and you will hear YOUR thoughts discussed in Episode 4!

I, and Mumbles, thank you for spending
some quality time with the RadioFreeG family.


Anonymous said...

Ghandi deserved to die!

Anonymous said...

Your use of the term "kraut" was refreshing...

As far as deserved deaths? Pol Pot, unfortunately, met a peaceful end (recently, I think). Terrible shame...


Sal said...

Diefenbaker died too soon....before we could kick the shit out of him for canceling and SCRAPPING the Avro Arrow.