01 April 2010

Time to change.

Listenership, this podcast ride is over... Thank You for everything over the years.

44 Episodes of love, hate, music and dangerous thoughts; 4 YEARS in the making, listenership interaction, Linda Ellis feuds, and new Twitter friends - memories I will never forget.

I want to say thank you to everyone that took time to listen to the show and offered feedback.  I appreciate all the comments, cartoons, music submissions, and goodwill everyone has sent over the past years.

This podcast has seen me through some really rough times.  Now, you get a little older, (hopefully) get a little wiser, and realize the times are a-changing.  I find I don't have the time to devote to making this the great podcast people have come to expect.  I take pride in every podcast I put out, even the painfully hard to listen to early episodes where I was experimenting with intros, equipment, bits that didn't get over, and trying to find my voice.

Now, I need to experiment again and figure out the place of this blog in the world.  Maybe get back to actually WRITING some posts, instead of using this as a storehouse to publicize the podcast.  Time to experiment again, and if I find something to consume my creative energies that is as satisfying as the "RadioFreeG Podcast", I will have won the lottery again.

Thank you Listenership, for everything.   And Linda Ellis, fuck you sideways.


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