11 April 2010

Not April Fool's item

I just realized that my last post stating the podcast of "RadioFreeG" was over went out on April Fool's Day. People have sent me emails asking it is was a joke, and sadly it is not.

I've spent some time stripping down the blog and taking out any of the iTunes "subscribe now" items, sidebars with pictures that are no longer relevant, icons, pretty much everything I did to the old blog. All the formatting and colour selection that I was really proud of, but now it seems very superfluous.

Still trying to find a home for this blog in the post-podcast era. I like having some sort of creative space to mess around in and getting opinions out to the world to see how people interact with them.

And, Blogger has CHANGED a LOT since I was in messing with the CSS to widen columns, and make my own links, (to stuff like iTunes for subscriptions). It is nice to use the built-in functionality and not be scared of it disappearing when changing a template. That certainly helps keep things fresh and fun whenever there are a few minutes to play with the site. The new ability to put some static "pages" on the blog as tab links across the top seems interesting.

However, a static page is only so useful. It would be nice if those static pages were like separate "mini-blogs" with rolling posts so that someone could put, say, a new photo a day under the "pages" heading of "Photos", and it would show up on that page in order, but also show up on the "Home" page with all postings for the blog in chronological order that deal with all topics, including photos. I guess that is hard to incorporate on the back end, but that would be awesome - blogger would really be a viable one stop shop for putting up a new website and being able to customize and compartmentalize the site flow right out of the box!

Come on google/blogger, get cracking! And while you're at it, PLEASE post some new templates, the ones you have are from 2004. The 3rd party ones you can get for free are nice, but to have the google/blogger stamp of approval and know none of the "gadgets" will stop working would be a big plus.


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