24 February 2008

RadioFreeG Show 33 - Where did 32 go?

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For those paying attention, Episode 32 is missing from our parade of excellence. That is because the original Episode 32, where we were going to break the news of Fidel Castro stepping down, is now the “Lost Episode”. We explain more in the show, and announce the return of the G-BAND. 1-888-49-G-BAND is new and improved and allows EVEN MORE WAYS FOR YOU TO INTERACT WITH THE HOTTEST PODCAST GOING TODAY!

After this administrative detail is taken care of, we play with a new toy, “Keyboard Sounder 1.53”, put Superproducer Mumbles in his place, and then we get to the meat of this show, the separation of Church and State.

In Ontario, the move is on to stop the practice of reciting the Lord’s Prayer before sittings of the Provincial Legislature. It is too easy to take the political sides of Left and Right in this issue. So, in true RadioFreeG fashion, we turn both sides of this question on their heads and try to demonstrate the underlying ideas do NOT fit so nicely into pre-determined catch-all political categories.

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