18 January 2008

RafioFreeG 31 - Can I buy YOUR DNA?

It is mid-month so you know what that means, yet ANOTHER Super Fantastic Episode of RadioFreeG is ready for download! Get the show by clicking on the link below:

In this show we look at a Canadian company called “DNA11.com”, and what they do with your DNA, and how readily people GIVE this most personal of information, is truly frightening. They create “art” from your genetic material that you provide, and who knows what they do with the unused portion. Does this strike anyone besides me as really suspicious? I certainly find it crazy to do, for what you get (see the samples of “art” below).

Major announcements about the feedback line, 1-888-49-G-BAND, that will rock the Listenership, and we explore the new obsession in my gaming life – the almighty dice-rolling strategic race simulation BACKGAMMON! Try it out at this link for a super-beginner experience --> www.nabiscoworld.com – Great 1 match point Backgammon! [That's right, nabiscoworld.com, freaked me out too.]

Get in on the oldest dice and board game that combines strategy AND chance that makes EVERY GAME FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS an enjoyable experience.

Plus, 2 more One-Shots from #1 RadioFreeG Announcer Big-V!

www.dna11.com – Do they secretly work for the Government?

Get downloading, get calling, START SUBSCRIBING and get set to enjoy another great episode of RadioFreeG!



Soundwave said...

Sorry to hear about the G-Band line. Now what am I going to do with my promotional t-shirt?

dom_vex said...

I am very surprised that www.dna11.com actually exists, largely in part due to that people are voluntarily sending in their genetic material to an institution they do not know. Some people just love companies or products that offer a "personal touch", I guess. Unfortunately, I can't spit on the creators, because then they'd take my offering, extract my DNA and file it away somewhere, and I don't want that! (That said, I also can't piss on their building or give them suspiciously-buttered popcorn.)

(Partially-nonsensible paragraph below)

Backgammon, you say? I'll peruse the rules, and if I get a chance, I'll check out Nabiscoworld.ca. To be honest, when I read the post description, and I read "Backgammon" I figured it was a joke or clever metaphor for something else to be discussed. In my childhood, Backgammon was the black sheep of childhood board games. Nobody knew Backgammon. Chess, Checkers, Monopoly and Clue were it, and were played both at homes and in school during our period of play time. The kids in my day always skipped over Backgammon - we didn't even care to investigate what it was, what with the funny triangles and the rule sheet which was half torn and written in ridiculous size 0.5 lettering. Rules for other games were passed on to one another by mouth, with the excitement of a long standing oral tradition. Nowhere in that explanation was the phrase, "Another game that makes you think like Chess is Backgammon." So, in summary, I didn't know Backgammon was so popular. I actually have a Backgammon board, complete with dice and all the pieces, and I didn't even realize it - the board is present on the underside of my portable magnetic Chess/Checkers combo set. Maybe I’ll get to use it one of these days. ... anyway, thank you, RadioFreeG, for bringing Backgammon back!

RadioFreeG said...

I know, I never even bothered to learn how to play that "funny triangle game" as a kid! I think this had to do with all the baby boomer teachers I had as a kid, and they all watched Bobby Fischer play chess in the 70s and early 80s, so that's what they knew.

I hope you learn the rules, check out the sites mentioned in the post and in the show, and have a blast learning this awesome game of Backgammon!