13 February 2007

RadioFreeG: Episode9 --> Satire of NPR!

Welcome, one and all, to the 9th episode of RadioFreeG! We are building up to Episode 10, and we have some ANNOUNCEMENTS: (But first, get the show at the link below.)

We now have an OFFICIAL SHOW ANNOUNCER! Superproducer MUMBLES, and myself, have scoured the globe looking for THE VOICE; the voice that could communicate the power; the glory; the majesty; of RadioFreeG to the Listenership and beyond - we have found him. You get two teaser one-shots in this show, and the audio makeover will be compete in Episode 10 with new intro and outros from THE VOICE! We will fill you in on THE VOICE's name and background next episode.

We also have a new CHARACTER - "Jim Garvey". This guy sounds like Winston Churchill with the cadence of James Lipton. And his story is QUITE disturbing!

This a quote that inspired the satire on this show. Read it yourself, and then try to figure out the identity of the the Mystery Person in the show.
[He] put his bayonet in the pot containing human blood
and licked the stuff as it ran down the bayonet.
This happened at the state research headquarters . . .
[He] told us: "When you lick the blood
of your victim, you will not see nightmares."

So what are you waiting for? GET LISTENING!



Anonymous said...

The VOICE... pipes like an organ, and just as much hot air. Can't wait to find out who this brother is, I'll have my browser ready!


Anonymous said...

Jim Garvey... excellent tale! I could wait to see who the protagonist was. Idi Amin! Hurrah.



RadioFreeG said...

You think the VOICE is the shiznit? Wait until the "Tech Boys", my non-gay Internet Technology division responsible for configuring the satellite hookup, have their special project finished! The anticipation of putting it on the masses is killing me! MUMBLES is excited too.

Magnum said...


What a line up.

You have Mummbles who is 'Master of the knobs' and now you have THE VOICE who is 'Master of the Throat'.

I really wish I had those in my line up!

PS, love the 'chikka wakka' gueetar.