22 January 2007

RadioFreeG - Episode 6 is now Available!

Hello Everyone! New episode of RadioFreeG is available for download at the link below:
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This show starts off with an intro featuring the smoking new track "I Wanna Love You" by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg! Then we roll into a discussion about the DIRTY version of "I Wanna Love You" by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg! Didn't know there was a dirty version of this song? Me neither!

This got me thinking about lots of things, such as the state of permanence in our lives. Is the DIRTY version or the CLEAN version the "real" one, and what does it mean to say that there is a "real" version of something like digital media where copy after copy can be made without any source loss? Hell, I even start ragging on STAR WARS and George Lucas! Listen and find out why I will NEVER be invited to Skywalker Ranch, (like I had an open invitation before this post, sheesh). Me and Superproducer MUMBLES touch on a LOT of topics here that you don't want to miss!

AND, as a bonus for the Listenership, I have included the full DIRTY version of "I Wanna Love You" by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg at the end of the post. You will understand, after listening to this song, where I am coming from in this post. Happy listening!



Anonymous said...

#1: Mumbles... you annihilate the competition.

#2: In the vein of "clean" & "dirty", there was, I believe, Lee Ann Rymes(?)with her song of a few years back "I hope you dance", of which there was a Christian-oriented version "I hope you pray". in both cases... $ talks: that is, one song, double the potential audience. "I wanna love you" will act as an invaluable sale tool via mainstream media, to sell "I wanna f--- you", which is the version all the teeny-boppers want.

#3: Damn George Lucas to hell.

RadioFreeG said...

I've heard of the 'christian' version of songs before; even U2 does it for some of the songs they sing in concert and but out an extra hallejulia or Jesus chorus. I guess it was just the extreme nature of the lyric change, and I also thought we just bleeped things out now.

AND, George Lucas can still suck it.

Soundwave said...

These repeated trashings of George Lucas have left me no choice but to consider it a challenge as to who can trash him the most.

Behold: "This Isn't Your Father's Trilogy"

(some assembly required)

Check and mate, Soundwave.

RadioFreeG said...

"Check and Mate"?


See the new post on Feb 15th!