21 January 2007

MANGA Simpsons!

This picture is the best! It earned the creator jobs working with Matt Groening (Simpsons creator), and even a job working at FOX tv! The power of the Internet-amazing. Look at NED and APU, and even MARGE looks great. Krusty looks like something out of a SPAWN comic book - Violator, anyone?

You can read the amazing story of the artist and how this one picture got her fame and fortune. Check out the link to the original: www.deviantart.com.

All it takes is one good idea, and you can make it in this world. Anyone have an idea for me?



melissa said...

Cool pic and story! I checked out her website, and I think I like the Futurama drawing even better.

RadioFreeG said...

Yes, this lady is doing great things with her ability, nd the technology of this Interweb-thingy. It just may catch on. This could be bigger than curly cries!