20 November 2010

Rogers is EVIL!

Rejoice!  We no longer have to couch our accusations using that weaselly lawyer term "allegedly" - Rogers Communications Inc is an evil company that  lies to its customers and tries to bully competitors out of the marketplace.

(Photo from Crackberry.com, 2009)

Full text of the Toronto Star article is available here "Rogers Could Face $10M Fine on Ads".

In a nutshell, Rogers blatantly lied about the number of dropped calls for its new "Chatr" line of discount mobile phones for talk and text without expensive data plans.  "Chatr" is a direct response to the new mobile offerings in the Ontario cellular market by companies like Wind MobileRogers' unlimited talk and text plan will still run you $45 per month plus tax to use crappy handsets, and only if you stay within certain "Chatr ZONES"; move 3 feet to the left and Rogers is waiting to screw you for roaming charges!! 

Rogers, you were found guilty by the Canadian Competition Bureau of lying about your product and your competition.  Everything about you stinks of rotting death.  How you manage to keep your virtual monopoly on cable television service to line your pockets and fund the super-greedy tactics of all the other revenue generating arms of your Hydra-like organization is beyond me.  Cable TV delivery is the one thing you actually do reasonably well - get the hell out of all your other lines of business and leave the Canadian consumer alone!!

To the Canadian Competition Bureau, I say hit them with a $100M fine and make them finally pay for screwing the Canadian consumer for all these years.  $10M fines won't teach Rogers anything.  Ted Rogers himself was likely buried with more than that amount of cash stuffed in the lining of his coffin.

In conclusion, Rogers Communications now a CONFIRMED lying organization without a whiff of integrity.  Thank you Wind Mobile and Canadian Competition Bureau!


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Anonymous said...

When Rogers felt the pinch of competition, they crapped out "Chatr", their trendy answer to Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, Mobilicity and other new wireless companies in the works. I'm not surprised that Rogers rushed the job.

- Dom