21 July 2008


GM Chrysler! Another great episode of RadioFreeG is waiting for you to download at this link, (come on now, SUBSCRIBE in iTunes by searching for “RadioFreeG", it is the best way to stay automatically updated on the latest and greatest from your favorite podcast):

(Thank you to DivByZero.com for the above picture.)

So, the episode is focused on the 407ETR. That testament to human greed and that cuts through the 905 area code like a knife, and all the consumers forced to take it bleed daily. We explain what the 407 Express Toll Route is, why some people are forced to take it, and how the less privileged are forced to watch Scrooge McDuck motor past while Johnny Brown Shoes is stuck in local gridlock on his way to make a honest buck.

PLUS, we have the return of “ASK THE G-MAN”! This listener question comes from the Toll Free Across North America G-Band Line --> 1-888-49-G-BAND! Our friend is having problems with someone using his parking space, so the G-Man tells him how to terminate this situation – Terminate; with extreme prejudice. (One of the best lines in ever from “Apocalypse Now”.)

So what are you waiting for? Get listening NOW!!


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