19 March 2007

I Hope You Never Experience Episode 14.

This episode is not the usual bag of tricks. We break the humour format, as we do every now and then, to bring you this special show. Get it by clicking below:

We here at RadioFreeG like to take the piss out of things by using comedy, incisive wit, biting sarcasm, and satire to expose the silly things in life. We also try to bring out some hidden truths of the world through reflection and meditation, and learn somthing along the way. This show is heavy on the latter.

This show is a story about two things that happened to me a few days ago, and the effect they will have on my life for the rest of my life. It most probably will NOT blow over, and it most assuredly will have far reaching repercussions I won't comprehend until they hit me square in my face. (And the second item has FAR MORE implications than the first!)

So, Superproducer Mumbles has been given the night off to preserve the serious tone of this particular episode. But, do not worry. The next show is not that far away, and it will be good, especially for me, to go and make a show based on comedy rather than tragedy. Don't forget to call the G-BAND at 1-888-49G-BAND to leave you comments, questions, show ideas, or your thought on similar experiences. Best calls make it into the show, and that is what really matters, right?



Marzenka said...

Now I know why it was worth listening! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

I admire you for your stoicism in this unfortunate situation.

Marzenka said...

Err... I meant it's always nice to listen to your show. And I'm happy that Mumble had a day off:-P

The Fly said...

Son of a gun, Congratulations!!

Your accident is unfortunate, but don't let it bug you. It's probably easier said than done but hang in there, you're now engaged so that's the most important thing to you right now.

BIG V said...

The G Man Comeith! Way to go G Man! Wish you and your loved one all the best with your new life together.

As for the accident, things will work out. Have faith my friend!

Big V

Anonymous said...

I though 'Big V' was supposed to be 'BIG V'?