29 November 2006

POST #1!

Play this game: www.blockfrenzy.com

Post your best score in a comment!

No cheating! (I'm looking at you P-a-u-l.)


Anonymous said...

What a cool blog! I will check back often to see its progress, and to point out spelling errors. Can you guess who this is yet? :)

Paul said...

Excellent Blog. You make me want to run out and create a blog of my own! (Now that I know what a blog is - thanks to Neilly's class) Only two things stopping me: 1) Paula would correct my spelling and grammer too, and; 2) If I blog, I'll have nothing to say, and me not saying anything is like the morning traffic report without it's jack-knifed tractor-trailers and broken water mains. Outstanding work! I will be checking in often.

Paul said...

Block Frenzy - 18.169 seconds!!

Melissa said...

I think i posted my score in the wrong spot. Anyway, I got 18.188 seconds!